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Visual Interest

Our mind has an incredible way of coming up with new ideas. We take elements of one thing and elements of another and we fuse them together and bam we have a new product! You could argue that every iteration of every invention goes through this process, from the Iphone to the wheel. There is one catch though, the mind, as brilliant as it is, can’t render the idea completely. In my case, I knew what I wanted the Everbough Branch Holder to do, and I knew that I wanted the colors to be brilliant, but what my mind conjured up, fell short of my expectations. When the real life physical product was in my hands for the first time I knew it lacked something. I stared at it for hours and drank cup of coffee after cup of coffee. Finally I realized it lacked the thing every piece of art contains. Visual Interest. I experimented a little and all was not lost. Quite the opposite actually, I fell in love with what is now a work of art. As soon as I added the 3/4 inch silver border on the gold star everything clicked. It was finished. It was glorious. It drew your attention. It had visual interest.


This creative process taught me something quite profound. The mind works together with your hands and with your eyes, and with your senses to create art. The ideas in your mind, no matter how brilliant they are, can only give you true satisfaction if they are realized in the physical world. And what you create will be even more brilliant than the initial lightbulb moment you had. So pursue your ideas and make them into reality, because inevitably they will become greater than you thought was possible.

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