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Everbough serves the Tiny House community and all those living a modest and minimalist lifestyle.

When I get excited about a project, I throw my heart and soul into it. Last year, when I began planning my Tiny House Build, I came across the realization that I wouldn’t be able to celebrate Christmas in the way I normally do. There simply wouldn’t be any space for the towering tree I desired. I had one of those Eureka moments during a period of extreme boredom and I immediately set out to create the solution to my problem and the problem many Tiny House owners have as well. I created a way for people to decorate an evergreen branch in their small space, without losing any precious living space.


The Star is cut out of steel sheets. And then a short pipe is welded at an angle onto the star, so that the holder can receive a branch. In order to stop the branch from twisting and turning, a bolt is installed on the backside of the pipe. The hardware, which is mounted to the front of the star is made of alloys that compliment the stars in color. Silicon bronze hardware comes with the Rustic Everbough Branch Holder and brass hardware comes with the Classic Everbough Branch Holder. This product is patent pending.


As a minamilist, I only buy quality products. Period. So when I decided to create my own product and company, I wanted to make sure that one rule was honored above all others, my product would be quality. I picked the best processes, hardware, people to work with and searched for the best price to pass on the value to you.

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Stars are brilliant and so is the Everbough Branch Holder, the only difference is you don’t need eclipse glasses!

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